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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recipe: Paleo Chicken Wings

I get a craving for chicken wings every so often and when I see a clubpack in the grocery store I just have to pick them up. Here is a recipe for delicious, crispy baked chicken wings that are good for a Whole30.


2-4 lbs of split chicken wings (any combination of drumettes and flatties)
Coconut Oil
Your favourite Hot Sauce (Franks Red Hot for us)

Preheat oven to 400F. Place split wings on a lightly oiled baking rack set in a baking sheet skin side down. Bake for 25 minutes to start to render some of the fat and release some moisture. 

Remove from oven and toss the partly cooked chicken wings in a large bowl with 3 Tbsp of melted coconut oil. Return to baking rack, skin side up this time, and bake for 20-25 minutes until just starting to brown.

Remove from oven again, return wings to the large bowl and toss with 1/4 cup of hot sauce. Return to baking rack, skin side up again, and bake for 20 minutes until the sauce seems set. Toss in bowl with another 1/4 cup of sauce and eat while warm.

If you have any extras, they are great reheated in the oven the next day.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paleo Staples - Franks Redhot Sauce

Is Frank's Redhot hot sauce paleo? It has five paleo ingredients yet some claim that Franks is not paleo when you look around on the web. Why? One site claims it isn't, since vinegar isn't paleo. Thats certainly news to me. 
Franks is paleo based on the ingredient list and that's a great thing since the little one loves it on his eggs. Like addicted to it. Franks thick and franks buffalo wing sauce are not paleo however with thickeners and other not so great ingredients.
Most simple hot sauces are nothing more than peppers and vinegar. Tobasco original is also paleo however Tobasco green is not paleo with corn starch added. It's so common to see something similar on the shelf that isn't even close once you read the ingredients.
This all great news and we will continue to use Franks on kale, eggs, in hamburgers, and just about anything else little wants it on.

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